Jiangmen Changshun Electric Products Co., Ltd.
Jiangmen Changshun Electric Products Co., Ltd.

Our parent company, Changhui Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd., was registered in Hong Kong in 1980. Early mainly engaged in various hardware and machinery trade and set up precision mold factory. Since 1994, the parent company has moved the die factory to Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, and added imported stamping equipment to form the current domestic factory (that is, the company) "Jiangmen Changshun Electric Products Factory Co., Ltd." In recent years, our business continues to expand, quality, technology and services have been recognized by customers. In order to create a high quality working environment and improve the quality, technology and service to be recognized by customers, we hope that we can give back the support and trust of customers.

Rich industry experience
After years of professional production of hardware products, Changshun Electric Products Factory has rich industry experience and good brand image.
Perfect equipment and machinery
The company mainly manufactures all kinds of standard and special-shaped silicon steel sheets, other hardware spare parts, using professional production equipment in the industry, imported stamping machinery and various hardware die machinery;
Customer Satisfaction Evaluation
Working environment, improving quality, technology and service are recognized and satisfied by customers. Customer satisfaction is our unremitting goal.
Satisfactory after-sales service
In order to improve the quality of service, the company has a dedicated professional after-sales team, rapid response to solve customer queries, so that customers are satisfied.
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